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  • Braniah Mack 10 months ago

    She did a Graeme

  • Denrick Storr 10 months ago

    Derrick byod why ya name gotta be so close to mine u sound like a fkin perv sayin she cud give u a lapdance

  • Constanze Knox 10 months ago

    she needs her butt whip

  • keriah pittman 10 months ago

    Where the hell did this little girl learn to dance like that, BOL!!!!

  • goofy1272 10 months ago

    my house*

  • goofy1272 10 months ago

    uh and they wonder why their kids are being raped and molested because kids arents KIDS anymore. go play with dome damn dolls and watch cartoon. if my daughter did some shit like this id whoop dat ass all up and through my hiu

  • Desianna Bell 10 months ago

    Smh. How I old is she

  • lashannon riggins 10 months ago

    gon girl beed

  • Jonathan Davenport 10 months ago

    This is disgusting!!!!!!!!!”

  • Jasmine Wheat 10 months ago

    That aint right that Anit fair she can move better than me

  • Jasmine Wheat 10 months ago

    She needs a spankin

  • miabrown164 10 months ago

    She need a azz whipen

  • miabrown164 10 months ago

    Whip her

  • aidenzojr 10 months ago

    Do it girl

  • Heaven Rodgerss 10 months ago

    this aint right… this aint fair…she can move way better then me

  • Carmitha Jean M 10 months ago

    work it

  • Elian Morales 10 months ago

    I’m 12 and I would FUCK THAT BITCH HARD!!!!

  • vitalia zavala 10 months ago

    She Is A Pro At This Shit Omg I Never Seen Anybody That Could Dance LikeThat

  • Tiairra Parham 10 months ago

    Great !! That how we dance jn my country ! on my opinion she killed it

  • D Gaimazz 10 months ago

    She need her ass whooped

  • D Gaimazz 10 months ago

    Noooo to gown

  • Boneyy Boness 10 months ago

    - what songs are these ?

  • AndrienneJJ 10 months ago

    Lil ass kids shouldn’t be dancing to sexually explicit music like that……

  • votejoiner 10 months ago

    yeah that’s the reason the world is the way it is today. Yes of course, her dancing is the reason for war, poverty, inflation, genocide, the US national debt, and global currency crisis. If only we could stop this damn dancing, then all those things would be solved.

  • xxKookieVxx 10 months ago

    lil honey killin em yuppp!