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  • AkBaller2323 9 months ago

    Sexy ass girls

  • tha310unibomber 9 months ago

    @toko why ethnicity matters? Lol look what this video title “Samoan girl twerks? Lol

  • tha310unibomber 9 months ago

    @toko lol she’s cool n all but then again u upload this video of her? Lol Cmon tell us her real name? :)

  • EhBabyPhresh 9 months ago

    at least wear some clean looking pants, damn

  • oni6903 9 months ago

    Loko tokas. Thick? Thats not thick, thats fat. Twerking with an unwashed body, unwashed hair, chaffed sweats, and at that a flat booty. *covers ass*

  • rahrahlaffy 9 months ago


  • Jewn808562 9 months ago


  • Cecilia Pena 9 months ago

    She shit herself

  • Loko Tokas 9 months ago

    Those who know her personally know that she’s cool and down to earth. She chaffed a little so what she thick.. I mean we are all poly can you blame us dayummm, grow up its just a simple twerk video enough with the rude remarks.

  • Loko Tokas 9 months ago

    @the310unibomber she’s full Samoan. There were two recordings, this version of the video was uploaded directly from my phone thank you very much. Why does her ethnicity matter? She twerks good, she just had shit on her pants that’s all get over it. She wouldn’t rep a false nationality, she’s full Samoan & proud.

  • tha310unibomber 9 months ago

    That ain’t a Samoan that’s probably a tongan, this ain’t the original video subscriber

  • Meleane Felila 9 months ago

    Eeew Bitch Was Yo Coochie That Musty You Put Deodorant In Between Yo Fat Ass Legs. Lmfaaaoooo. You Can’t Twerk For Shit Fat Bitch. You Just Publicly Humiliated Yourself.

  • Julz Renny 9 months ago

    hahahaha hardout - that was the funniest part hahaha

  • Julz Renny 9 months ago

    she looks like she’s makua sela haha but good for you

  • Samual Ishhernaym 9 months ago

    Yuck go wash your muli gal. Embarrassing

  • tyson davis 9 months ago

    !!! haha too confident :) lmao

  • oni6903 9 months ago

    Aren’t you embarrassed? Wtf o_O

  • Christabelle Gabriel 9 months ago

    And then she couldn’t reach her foot bahahahahaha keffs ia se

  • Loko Tokas 9 months ago

    @fortafy nope the main dancer/twerker is Full Blood Samoan. All of the other girls in this video are Tongan. :)

  • kio elo 9 months ago

    Poor grass

  • fortafy91 9 months ago

    the name of the video is bullshit shes tongan ctfu!

  • maleni03 9 months ago

    Lmaooo girl DO YOU! I friggin’ liked your video cause it was entertaining af! Makua kago iai…iii, aua le faavaivai lmaooo a koe fai sau video aua le faia fua sau ofuvae….lollllllll cheee hoooo kala ula. Malie!

  • Tatiana Tanuvasa 9 months ago

    So I’m guessing you bleach in between yo pants? Hahaha! Girl you shouldn’t be doing all that period.

  • teisa15 9 months ago

    Lol at the girl on the scooters reaction…

  • toko uso 9 months ago

    your making our culture look bad