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Whooty Girls Videos



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  • manofsteel33 10 months ago

    The beauty of it all is that I truly don’t give a FUCK about what “other” people think! You brought up Black specifically because there’s envy in you. If not, you wouldn’t have even left that dumb comment! ;)

  • manofsteel33 10 months ago

    Get the fuck out of here LOL! You’re delusional!! PS. Get a dictionary! 

  • realcoolboy17 10 months ago

    You know us white guys are easily intimidated sexually. ;)

  • tino dan 10 months ago

    But come on dude,, a public bathroom to take booty shots ,? The beach or a mountain top , or the local park bench, but not no booboo smelling bathroom

  • manofsteel33 10 months ago

    And why does everyone on Youtube seem to hate on Black dick? Answer= SHEER JEALOUSY!! LOL